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Alisa Yurevna Avgustovich

Alisa Yurevna Avgustovich
Was born in the city of Makhachkala, Dagestan.
In 1988 she graduated high school.
1990: moved to Yaroslavl and worked at the Theater of the Young Spectator as a decorating artist, studied in an art studio at the Dobrynin Culture House in E.M. Chernova's class.
1992 -1997 studied at the Yaroslavl Art College - educators: V.М. Serebryakov. M.N. Korablev. EV. Smagina. O.V. Kovalevskaya.
2001: enrolled at the Yaroslavl State Theatrical Institute for specialty artist-technologist - educators: V.V. Agibalov. O.A. Sukhova.
Since 2001 she has been participating of regional and youth exhibitions.
Her works is in the private and corporate collections in Russia, Germany, Austria, France.